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Hydraulic two-turn bracelet type tool magazine

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Keywords: Tool magazine | Spindle | Rotary table

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Product Features:

  • The tool magazine is driven by servo, with stable rotation and accurate positioning.
  • Equipped with an independent tool picking and tool loading assistant manipulator, which realizes the exchange of tools between the chain and the assistant manipulator.
  • The auxiliary manipulator adopts a claw type, with a hydraulic automatic clamping and releasing mechanism, which enhances the stability of the gripping tool.
  • The auxiliary tool sleeve realizes the 90-degree turning angle function through the hydraulic transmission mechanism, and sends the tool to the ATC side to realize the standby function of the tool magazine.
  • ATC is used to realize the rapid exchange of the auxiliary tool sleeve and the spindle tool, and the tool-to-tool exchange time can be shortened to 3.75 seconds.
  • The auxiliary tool sleeve mechanism effectively avoids the base of the machine tool. When changing the tool, the ATC is close to the spindle, shortening the length of the tool arm, enhancing the stability of the tool change, making the combination of the tool magazine and the machine tool more appropriate, effectively saving space, and having more integrity.
  • The number of tools can range from 40 to 200. Use the auxiliary manipulator to shorten the impact of tool change time on the machine tool.



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